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  • don’t ever feel bad for asking me to tag a trigger
  • i do not care what the trigger is
  • i will tag it for you
  • you have legitimate reasons to be triggered by it
  • and i am not one to question those reasons
  • so just send me an ask
  • anonymous if you’re scared
  • and i will tag it all the time in future
  • your wellbeing is worth twenty extra seconds of my time at least

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hello this is a text post in support of bucky barnes: accidental hipster, who wears steve’s huge plaid button-downs over natasha’s too-tight jeans and a pair of old doc martens sam was going to donate to goodwill, because those are the clothes that are around and who gives a shit? bucky barnes: accidental hipster, who goes out in steve’s plastic framed on-the-run glasses because he misses the eye protection his googles used to provide. bucky barnes: accidental hipster, who buys vinyl because he was born in 1917 and drinks his coffee black for the same reason. BUCKY BARNES: ACCIDENTAL HIPSTER. that’s all thank you goodbye

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I got two hours of sleep last night, and the night before that. The last three nights before that I only got four hours. I am literally on my last leg. I have no idea how I’m going to get through today, much less tomorrow or the next day. I called the doctor, and she’ll call me back later today, but I can’t plan that far ahead. If I don’t live hour to hour I’m not gonna get through today. I don’t know what to do.

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I’m not going to be sleepy for another…. hmm. 4 hours. Time to bake a cake! Class tomorrow? What classes? Those OBVIOUSLY won’t happen.